Share your story in 500 characters

This post is for your tales, your short stories, those few words that can reveal whole worlds. To take part you just need to write in MsWord (or any other tool that allows for word count) your story, in English or Italian.

All short stories that fall between the following limits will be posted, and among them some (though not many, for practical reasons - Max has only one right hand) will be selected to become short videos. They will become the scripts. 500 is the character limit (we will accept a deviation of about ten, but we'll not publish stories with 520 characters or potatohundred words). Please, don't cheat with SMS language, bcs 1 thng I cnt stand is reducing and mutilating English. Ok, maybe you'll save a handful of keystrokes, but you'll not get published in a post. Because we like our language[s] and we want to enjoy them in all their beauty, and all their length. So, post a comment below with:
  • Your title (it can be as long as you wish, it will not be counted as part of the story)
  • Your short story
  • Your name, or name and surname, nickname, or whatever you want to be posted with your story.
  • If you want you can add a link to your youtube channel, social network profile or website, *if you want to be tracked back*.
We chose to move the project here, because on YouTube it's almost impossible to classify anything, especially after the arrival of G+, and because both YT and Facebook require registration, while we wanted to make this page open to everyone. Here everyone can write, without any registration or subscription. As we read the stories (counting the characters and making sure they're written in a readable way - check "bimbominkia" on*) we'll move each story in a dedicated post, with title and number, and then erase them from below here, to keep the page tidy.

Suggestions and other comments on this page will be read but then we'll have to erase them to be able to handle the stories with ease, so if you wish to comment you can do it under the individual stories or in the "suggestions" post. Thank you for joining Commen500 ♥

Translator's note: "Bad English" is another can of worms.
No need to worry if you mess up the grammar because you’re from Portugindopolishbeckistan: as you can see from this post, there's no one here that REALLY speaks English anyway.

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  1. Away

    There was this one kid who thought he could fly, for his hands were as big as the clouds in the sky. The children would mock him, and each day he'd cry, while his pure soul longed for the moon's brightest light. He thought, without doubt, that if it wasn't for his big, flying hands, he meant nothing in the world, again and again. Sorrow had crawled down the boy's tiny heart, and day after day, he would feel more left out. The world did not care. They didn't see. They couldn't see. That this little kid had a shine in his gaze, more so than the sun, whose flames were amazed. One night he woke up, and he started to rise, up on the roof he had wanted to climb. The birds tried to stop him, the stars did too, they were not aware of what a child's tears could do. For the moon had heard each babble and cry, and it came to his aid, and by dawn, the good little soul was up in the sky.

    1. Hi, thank you for taking part! I am sorry but we can not post it as it is, because it's well over 500 characters. If you write a shorter version we will be happy to post it :)
      bye <3